I live in Copenhagen and work as a software engineer in the Zendesk Ruby Core team. Previously I had lived in Phoenix, Brisbane, and Germany, which is also my place of birth and where I have spent most of my life. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Media Informatics, a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the IT University of Copenhagen, and have worked as a full stack web developer at visuellverstehen for a while.

I am currently interested in Solid and have worked in collaboration with CERN on a code investigation to enable a decentralized web application development approach at CERN.


Thoughts is a place for all those things occupying my mind at the moment I deem worth writing down.

At the moment I am writing a post about tracking in the web. Future post will also entail topics such as Solid.


This part of my website will hold projects I have worked on. These can range from static websites for friends to decentralized web services to everything that had sparked my interest to create something.


A collection of links to books, articles, quotes, everything written by others.